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Premium 10 Stage Countertop Water Filter New Wave Alkaline Pitcher Filter Fresh Water Works Replacement Cartridge
Water filter system produces continuous supply of fresh, crisp, wonderful-tasting water from the tap, removing major contaminants to below EPA minimum levels.

Raises pH to 8.5-9.5 by adding the perfect balance of naturally ionized magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium.
Replacement Cartridge for Fresh Water Works. Makes 1500 gallons of fresh great tasting water. That's 24,000 8 oz glasses; enough for 12 glasses a day all year long for each member of a household of six.
Complete Undersink Filter System/Kit 10 Stage System Plus 10 Stage Plus Filter Replacement Cartridge
10 Stage System Plus
Our Price: $99.99
Everything you need to get fresh, cold filtered water from under your sink!
Get great tasting, healthy water for just pennies per gallon! The New Wave Enviro Patented 10 Stage Water Filter delivers chlorine-free, odorless, great-tasting water at your kitchen sink. The space-saving, attractive countertop filter installs easily in seconds to any standard faucet and allows you to easily change between tap water* and filtered water as needed. ***NOW REMOVES INORGANIC ARSENIC***

This is the replacement filter for the 10-Stage PlusCountertop Water Filter.
10 Stage Filter Replacement Cartridge Alkaline Plus Lead Removal Cartridge - 3 Pack New Wave Alkaline Pitcher Filter Lead Removal
This is the replacement filter for the Premium 10-Stage Countertop Water Filter. Alkaline Plus Lead Removal Alkaline plus now with Lead Removal
Alkaline Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge 3Pack Barrier Anti-Arsenic Filter Cartridge ​Barrier Anti-Bacteria Ultra Replacement Cartridge
3 Pack: each cartridge can alkalize and filter up to 300 liters of water Barrier Anti-Arsenic Replacement Filter Package 2 cartridges 2 cartridges: Barrier Anti-Bacteria Ultra Replacement Filter Package
Barrier Twist Pitcher Filter Barrier Pitcher Replacement Cartridges- 3 PACK

Enjoy an inexpensive, portable option for filtered water!

So you want filtered water, but you don’t have space to permanently attach something to your faucet? Or maybe your body screams for better water but your budget has a need for frugality? Our water filter pitchers were designed to give you the great-tasting, filtered water you crave at a price your wallet will love.

This three pack of Barrier filter pitcher replacement cartridges will give you 240 gallons of fresh filtered water. The cartridges are designed to fit ALL Barrier pitchers.